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Creativity at Workplace, Saatchi & Saatchi

The office of Saatchi & Saatchi, an award winning advertising agency in the Sindhorn Tower, on Wireless Road in Bangkok, Thailand is a perfect example of optimum utilization of space. The agency expected to have a playful and unexpected design which is motivating at the same time fun filled for the employees. Supermachine the multidisciplinary design firm was chosen to carry out the challenging task. The designers had to work within a small space of 400m2 and were given a tight budget. They decided to incorporate some strong visual elements to enhance the whole scenario. Large geometric shapes for seating areas, creative wall spaces and ceiling fixtures balanced by circular lighting installations and bicycle wheels, brightly coloured carpets, walls and playful furniture. The reception was adorned with the shape of a bus and the boardroom table took the shape of a bicycle wheel.



The meeting cabins have the feel of train compartments. There is also the reoccurring visual theme in the shape of a racetrack, hockey rink or stadium.
The designers used recycled small, white "wood pixels" for the outer wall to cover the ugly red marble wall and to save costs. There is also the "monster wall." Its main feature is a 20 meter-long (65 feet), lizard whose skin is constantly redecorated with current work and inspirational items. Its jaws work as a bookshelf. A very economical yet attractive concept.